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WaterWorks by NOS Inc.

WaterWorks Main screen WaterWorks Meter screen WaterWorks Billing screen WaterWorks Rate screen

WaterWorks is the complete water and sewer package for billing, tracking, reporting and all the needs for municipalities, trailer parks and any organization that needs to bill for water and/or sewer usage.

Its many graphical elements help the user understand the meter reading, billing and collection process. This has made our water and sewer billing customers more efficient and very happy, spending less time than they did before using WaterWorks.

Many reports are included and a custom report generator comes with WaterWorks for you to write your own specific reports. Specific customization to process your billing, reports and forms can be made by NOS Inc. to fit your needs. Contact our sales department to find out more, they are at

You may ask what if I have a question about using WaterWorks or any of the other NOS products. There are at least three places to obtain WaterWorks help, screen specific online help, which can be used for help on any WaterWorks topic; the WaterWorks manual; and a phone call to NOSís toll free support number. NOS prides itself in the high level of customer service provided to each customer, and we are pleased that our customers report the same on their yearly survey responses.

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